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Bear It is a generic term for carnivores. The bear is usually mild, but when provocative or dangerous, it is easy to get angry and […]


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Crocodile is a cold-blooded oviparous animal. Crocodiles are extremely precious animals. The crocodile is not a fish, it is a reptile, the name of a […]


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Mammuthus primigenius, also known as Mammoth (Mammoth), is an animal that adapts to cold weather. Once one of the largest elephants in the world, one […]


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Rhinoceros (scientific name: Dicerorhinus) is a general term for mammalian rhinoceros. It is currently distributed in south-central Africa, Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is […]


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Sheep is the collective name of the subfamily of sheep, such as the Mammalia, the Artiodactyla, the Bovidae, and the subfamily of sheep. It is […]


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Giraffe (scientific name: Giraffacamelopardalis) is a ruminant hoofed animal that grows in Africa. The Latin name means “a leopard-like camel.” They are the highest existing […]


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Wolf (Latin name: Canis lupus Linnaeus) cites Appendix Level: II Protection level: National secondary protected animals. A total of 46 subspecies, medium size, well-proportioned, long […]

Polar bear

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The polar bear (Latin name: Ursusmaritimus) is the world’s largest terrestrial carnivore, also known as the white bear. The skin is black, because the hair […]


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Cattle (Latin name: Bovine), belonging to the cattle family, is a family under the subfamily. Buffalo with 56 chromosomes, 60 yellow cattle and 58 large-volume […]


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monkey. It is a member of three species of primate primates. The primate is a population of animal kingdoms. The monkeys generally have a well-developed […]


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Dolphin (scientific name: Delphinidae) is an aquatic mammal closely related to whales and porpoises. It evolved about 10 million years ago in the Miocene. It […]


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Tiger (scientific name: Panthera tigris; English name: Tiger): Large cat; hair color light yellow or brownish yellow, full of black horizontal stripes; round head, short […]