Pelican fishing expert

The family life of pelican, a fishing expert, has never been known. Although people can often see the pelican with a big “bag” in the park, it’s just a physical appearance. People know little about pelicans.

Until recently, after patient and meticulous work, the pelican family’s daily life was secretly monitored by means of television camera, and it was made into a television film, people found many Pelican privacy that they could not understand before.

Pelicans love each other deeply. In the morning, the male Pelican hatches eggs for his wife, while the female Pelican goes out to fish. While he is busy catching food, the female Pelican sometimes goes home to see and comfort the hatched husband. At noon, when the female Pelican came back from fishing, she went to her brooding husband tenderly, pecked his feathers gently with her long mouth to express her concern and love for him. She pushed him with her mouth from time to time, letting him rest and eat some food. At first, the male Pelican does not move, it does not want to let his wife suffer. But later, unable to stand up to the persuasion of the female pelican, she had to slowly stand up and reluctantly let her wife work for her. After her husband left home, the female Pelican immediately took over and went into the nest to hatch. In this way, they take turns to raise their offspring. Both husband and wife want to do more for each other. So there’s no buck passing in the pelican family.

The pelican was born. It was covered with white fluff. It was loose, soft and very popular. After birth, the pelican raised its neck under its mother’s stomach to shake. On the one hand, it wanted to please her, and on the other hand, it wanted to ask her for something to eat. At this time, the mother will spit the half digested fish and shrimps at the nest side and let the child swallow them slowly. Ten days later, the pelican grew up a lot. The food they spit out can’t meet their needs. They put their heads into their parents’ mouths to eat. They don’t get bored at all. They always try their best to open their mouths and make their children have enough!

Pelicans love each other sweetly, but they can’t always take care of their children. They take care of their children inside their homes. Once their children leave their homes, they will no longer recognize each other. If a pelican stays in the nest and gets bored, it wants to go outside, but because its feathers are not full and its legs are not strong, it can neither fly nor walk. So as soon as I get out of the house, I turn over the nest and move.

No bullet. Soon after, the pelicans went home and turned a blind eye to the pelicans struggling outside their nests. The child turned a deaf ear to him for help. It’s still a mystery whether a mother can’t recognize her own flesh or whether she’s not satisfied with the baby who wants to jump into the nest. Finally, the good-natured aunt sent the helpless Pelican back to the nest, so that it could enjoy the love of its parents again.