Pet hedgehog breeding common sense.

Hedgehogs are very lonely animals. They are quiet, afraid of light, heat and shock. Therefore, when raising hedgehogs at home, it is advisable to build them on one side of the hospital and at the roots of the walls. First use brick ring, the wall is about 1 meter high. Then according to the number of hedgehogs raised in the circle, a small house of 5-10 square meters is built, the roof and surrounding of the house are sealed, without leakage of rain. Once out of the wilderness and kept as pets by humans, it is tantamount to issuing a “death notice” to them.

Reporters have interviewed many people who have raised hedgehogs. Except for the two who released them, the other hedgehogs died very quickly. So, in general, hedgehogs are far away from human activity, preferring to nest on the edge of wilderness or streams. With the rapid development of real estate development in Beijing in recent years, a large number of citizens live in the suburbs and forcibly become neighbors of wild hedgehogs. What should citizens do if they meet in a narrow way with hedgehogs? Here’s how to live peacefully with hedgehogs in four seasons.

Spring: After hibernation, hedgehogs wake up. When the temperature rises to 10 C, hedgehogs feel very thirsty and eager to find water. Don’t be kind to feed milk when you meet them at this time, because it will lead to death. It’s more important to find a spouse than to find food. The male hedgehog spends hours around her before the female hedgehog accepts the courtship. After that, he completes his mission. The mother hedgehog began to look for safe and quiet places to nest herself and the baby hedgehog that was about to be born in 30 days. If you find a hedgehog near a wooden pile in your backyard, please put off spring cleaning for a while, because it is likely to become a maternity home for the hedgehog.

Summer: Hedgehogs are born. They have more than 100 thorns all over their body and no vision in the first two weeks after birth. The baby is breastfed for 4 to 8 weeks. Later, the mother hedgehog taught how to find food. Two months later, the mother hedgehog stopped caring for the young hedgehogs and allowed them to live independently. Mature hedgehogs eat an average of 40 grams of food per meal. About 90% of hedgehogs live less than a year. If you want to help hedgehog mothers raise their young, you can sprinkle cat food and dog food where they live. Never give them milk, salted bread and spices.

Autumn: Hedgehogs mainly focus on foraging. You can eat 200 grams of food every night. Adult hedgehogs can weigh up to 2.5 kg. They use twigs and weeds to build hibernating nests. Sometimes their nests are 50 centimeters apart. They can also sleep under wooden stairs or in other artificial places.

Winter: When hedgehogs hibernate in their nests, their body temperature drops to 6 degrees Celsius. In this case, hedgehogs have the lowest body temperature in the world. Breathing 1-10 times per minute. Dead branches and deciduous piles are hedgehogs’favorite places to hibernate. At this time, if people burn defoliated leaves, it will be the disaster of hedgehogs. Hibernating hedgehogs wake up occasionally, but don’t eat, and soon fall asleep again. Hibernating hedgehogs will starve to death if they wake up too early.