Red squirrel

red squirrel is standing with leaves

Red squirrels value their territory because it is the source of their food. Both male and female red squirrels have their own boundaries. Usually, we strictly abide by the border treaty and do not violate each other. The border is open only in the spring breeding season. For several days in March and April every year, female squirrels open the border, and male squirrels are welcome to enter the country for mating. A large number of male squirrels enter the female squirrels’ territory by accident, making a frantic courtship sound and inevitably fighting with each other. At the same time, several male squirrels chasing female squirrels fight in pairs. After fierce fighting, some are injured and some are defeated. At last, only one winner is left. Female squirrels bow their heads and listen to him. As soon as the mating period passed, the female squirrel turned her face, refused to recognize her husband, attacked her pursuers one by one, and drove the male squirrel out of the border without leaving. The original customs were closed again.

Red squirrels are very strict in the division of territorial boundaries, even for their own children, let alone relatives, friends and villagers. A litter of red squirrels gives birth to about four or five young. The mother mouse will take care of it until autumn, when the baby mouse has grown up, and the mother will escort it out of the territory and force it to make its own way. From then on, they no longer recognize each other, ending the relationship between mother and son. If the pup invades its territory in the future, it will be expelled without any affection. The fledgling red squirrels, in order to get a territory of their own, have to fight with their elders and defeat their opponents to carve up a territory from the old squirrels. If it fails, the young squirrel will die.

Acquiring a territory is a life and death issue for red squirrels. Because they can’t survive without enough environment to support them. Every red squirrel must have enough territory to provide food for the whole winter. So it’s not hard to understand why red squirrels are risking their lives to defend the border, or risking their lives to seize the territory.