Revenge of animals

In Saudi Arabia, there is an oil shop owner who keeps an old camel. Once, the boss lost his capital in business and was full of resentment. When he got home, he beat the camel with a whip. A few months later, one night, the beaten camel came out of the camel shed and quietly came to the owner’s tent. After standing for a while, he suddenly rushed into the tent and rushed to the owner’s bed. Fortunately, the owner of the oil workshop was not at home at that time. The old camel was so angry that he tore his master’s quilt into pieces. It didn’t relieve his anger, and he smashed his master’s tableware, so he left contentedly.

How does animal’s retaliation come into being, and how can their retaliation be explained?

However, there is no satisfactory explanation yet, which requires scientists to continue to study and explore.