Studies have shown that the shorter the penis of insects, the worse their fertility.

According to the Daily Mail of May 14, researchers at St Andrews University recently found that the shorter the penis of bugs, the worse their fertility. This discovery may play a guiding role in the study of human fertility.

The researchers controlled the experimental variables by cutting the penis of the bug, and constructed a high-resolution 3D model of bug mating using X-ray scanning. It was found that penis length was closely related to fertility. The number of offspring decreased significantly when 5% of the penis was cut off, and the mating time was only half of the normal time when 30% of the penis was cut off.

Long bugs belong to the suborder Heteroptera. The penis is long and convoluted tubular, accounting for 70% of the length of the body. They have no nerves, blood vessels and muscles. Researchers say the experiment will not harm the insects themselves.