Summer pet pest control strategy.

In summer, there are more mosquitoes. Not only are people afraid of mosquitoes, but pets are also very afraid of mosquitoes. If they do not take timely measures to prevent mosquitoes, they are vulnerable to other diseases. At present, there are many pet insect-proof drugs on the market, and these insect-proof tools have attracted the attention of many owners. So how to do a good job of pest prevention for pets?

Summer pet pest control strategy

How to prevent people from being infected?

Pets are forbidden to lick people’s hands, face or mucosa, avoid being scratched or bitten, and pets are forbidden to lick rice bowls, dishes and other utensils.

B. Pets should not share bedrooms with their owners.

C. Wear gloves to clean pet’s urine and urine in time, preferably replaced by family members, pregnant women do not participate;

D. Pets should be kept indoors and fed cooked food or pet food. Pets should not be allowed to hunt outside.

What are the insect repellents?

A. Generally speaking, insect repellent occurs once every 2-4 months.

B. To deal with the parasites in vivo, the insecticides such as Punadu ingot and Bayer can be taken orally.

C. To deal with ectoparasites, we can use Flynn drops, Flynn sprays, Great Favourite drops, lice control circles and so on.

How to feed everyday?

A. Avoid eating uncooked meat and raw meat, and check regularly.

B. Don’t let them hunt outside, don’t touch the stray cats and rats outside.

C. Do not feed the liver of animals, such as chicken liver.

D. Periodic check-up: In general, check-up once every 3-6 months, such as dermatological examination, Toxoplasma gondii detection, fecal examination, etc. From these items, we can get the specific health status of cats and cats.

How to clean everyday?

A. Generally speaking, cats and cats need to take a bath in about 10 days.

B. There’s no need to dress the cat. If it has to be dressed up, then the clothes to wear should be as thin as possible, good air permeability, avoid excessive thread;

C. Pet cages should be cleaned up in time. They can be soaked or sprayed with special animal disinfectant or disinfected with ultraviolet lamp.