Symptoms and manifestations of calcium deficiency in dogs.

In recent years, many people have begun to pay attention to their own calcium supplement problem, and various types of calcium supplement products have entered everyone’s life. Since people need to supplement calcium in time to meet the body’s need for calcium, do our puppies need to supplement calcium? The answer is yes, and because dogs can not express some physical discomfort caused by calcium deficiency, it is more important to scientifically supplement calcium for dogs. So how to determine the dog calcium deficiency, what specific performance?

The puppy has two rows of teeth and bad leg shape. When standing, the toes are separated. Like a duck web, they are not upright, do not like sports, and their noses become lighter. Calcium deficiency in adult dogs is characterized by irritability, hot flashes, easy fracture, lazy running and easy fracture.

Initially it is loss of appetite, dyspepsia, heterophilia, gradual thinning and slow growth. The final symptoms are joint swelling, deformation, O-leg or X-leg, limping or lying down. In general, calcium supplementation alone is not good, but vitamin D supplementation can make calcium tablets absorb better.

How to correct calcium supplement for dogs? Here are some points to share with you:

1. Self-made food. If dogs are fed homemade food, more attention should be paid to increasing the proportion of calcium in homemade food. Parents who have time can also cook big bones to make up for their dogs.

2. Pet calcium preparation. The physiological structure of dogs is different from that of humans, so calcium supplement products should be selected for pets. If the dog does not want to eat calcium tablets or calcium powder, it can choose calcium gel, which can be directly applied to the pet’s nose to allow it to lick its own food.

If you are a novice, do not know how to choose which kind of calcium preparation, lovely is recommended by pets: pet incense cow latex calcium gel, using imported milk, add daily vitamins, has a unique promotion of calcium absorption ingredients, can efficiently absorb calcium, in the major pet forums quite a word of mouth!

3. Appropriate control of vitamin A intake. Chicken liver is rich in vitamin A. If dogs take high concentration of vitamin A for a long time, it will also cause dogs to inhibit calcium absorption.

4. Supplement some dairy products. Eating some dairy products and cartilage and other foods is also conducive to calcium supplementation.