The biggest cats

When we talk about the biggest cats, we always think of African and Asian prisoners. However, there are other big cats around the world. One night in 1983, some farmers in Exmoor in the southwest of England were shocked. I don’t know what animals attacked and killed their 80 sheep and lambs. This guest site is so strange that they don’t understand what happened.

The farmers carefully examined the dead animals, hoping to find a clue. They found suspicious paw marks on the animals and footprints on the ground around them.

“It looks like a wild cat has been here.” On dit. But there have never been wild cats, let alone large cats. “And how can a cat kill so many sheep?” they asked.

The attacker bit all the sheep’s throats – just as a large cat did its prey’s – and that night the farmers didn’t find the answer to the question, the strange old book was published in the local newspaper. Since then, some animal has killed livestock on Lido Exmoor’s farm in the same way.

Although wild cats have appeared in England in the past, but now the large cats growing in the natural environment have long been extinct. How does this story happen? Some experts think that large cats like Jaguars may have escaped from the zoo and began to live in this place. The countryside of Exmoor is full of rocks, trees and wilderness, which is just right for the United States It’s possible that leopards live here, so maybe the old book of “zoo” is the best explanation for Exmoor cats.

Many people say that they have seen a strange animal in this area. Now people call it “Exmoor, animal protection”. These stories are usually the same. People think that the animal is like a cat, about 1.2 meters long, 0.6 meters high, with a long tail and dark fur.

A man named David Smith was sure that he saw the Exmoor beast. David is from a small town near Exmoor. He said that one day when he went hunting, he saw the animal at close range, almost face to face.

David likes to take his dog to hunt rabbits on weekends or at night. When he hunts for two days, the dog runs into the Bush to look for rabbits. Usually the dog will scare the rabbits, drive them to the ground, and then Zoe will kill them. But this time the dog didn’t find the rabbit, and the dog was shocked!