The Largest Tortoise in the World-Elephant Tortoise.

Where is the biggest turtle in the world? At present, the largest turtle in the world is the elephant turtle on a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Adult turtles are 2 to 3 meters tall and 5 to 6 meters long. Their life span is about 1000 years. They have a gentle temperament and are in harmony with the people on the island. The food they like is a kind of fairy tree on the local island. It was found that an elephant turtle had fallen into a rocky cliff and had not eaten food for two years.

Elephant tortoise is the largest tortoise in the world, named for its thick legs like feet. It is found in the Pacific Ocean and tropical islands of the Indian Ocean. There are Galapagos Islands on the west coast of South America, Seychelles Islands and Aldabra Islands in the Indian Ocean. Its shell is 1.5 meters long, climbing height can reach 0.8 meters, weighing 200-300 kilograms, can carry 1-2 people walking, female turtles lay 90-150 eggs each time. It is reported that its life expectancy can reach 300 years. The turtle, weighing more than 300 kilograms and nearly 2 meters in length, is the largest of the wild turtles in existence.

The elephant has a large head and a long neck. The central carapace is high, with 5 vertebral shields; 4 rib shields on each side; 9 edge shields on each side, with slightly serrated front and rear edges, slightly upward; 1 neck shield; 1 buttock shield, single, larger. The limbs are stout and columnar. The dorsal nail, limbs and head and tail are all blue and black, each piece of vertebral shield and rib shield has irregular black spots, skin is loose and wrinkled. The carapace is 1.8 meters long and weighs 375 kilograms. It is the largest turtle in the world among terrestrial turtles.