The smartest animal, “orangutan”

Chimpanzees, gorillas and chimpanzees are the most intelligent animals. Their intelligence is only lower than that of human beings. Scientists at Japan’s Ueno Zoo have tested their intelligence several times, with unexpected results.

One day, people gave orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees a raw egg to see how they could eat. The gorilla swallows the egg into his mouth, chews it and swallows the egg white and yolk, then spits out the shell. The chimpanzee touched the stone with the egg in hand. The egg broke. It sucked the flowing protein and yolk with its mouth. Orangutans eat very differently from them. It carefully makes a small hole in one end of the egg, and then slowly sucks the egg protein and yolk.

The result of this egg eating competition shows that orangutans are the best. In order to further assess its performance, scientists handed it a sack and a rope. The orangutan thought about it a little, and began to work. It put the rope through the sack and tied both ends of the rope to the railing, so a simple hammock appeared. All the people present were surprised.

German animal psychologist Kohler, when testing the intelligence of orangutans, had a funny comedy. Kohler hung the banana in the air and planned to ask the orangutan to find a way to take it down. There are bamboo poles and desks in the room. Kohler stood by and watched the gorilla show. The orangutan thought for a while, then ran to take Kohler’s hand kindly, his eyes twinkling with cunning eyes. Kohler didn’t know what he meant, so he followed him to the bottom of the hanging banana. At this time, the orangutan suddenly jumped to Kohler’s bald head and knocked down his glasses. The chimpanzee stood on top of Kohler’s head, reached for the banana, effortless.

“I didn’t expect to be tricked by orangutans!” Kohler said to his friends with a wry smile.