The three great advantages of owning a dog.

Everyone likes animal lovers. More specifically, every single person should date a dog lover. After all, these people are fun, sociable, sociable and not afraid of commitment. A recent study found that 46% of more than 2000 adults in the UK think animal lovers are more attractive. Even a third of them think that dog owners are more likely to be loyal, compassionate and kind. The study also found that 49 percent of women think animal lovers are more attractive, compared with just 40 percent of men.

The study also found that dogs can help you not only find your partner, but also your friendship. About 46 percent of respondents said that walking a dog is one of the best ways to make friends, and 29 percent of dog owners said they had made lifelong friends while walking the dog.

This is not the first study to show that pets can affect human relationships. In 2014, a survey of 500 respondents aged 18-26 found that young and middle-aged people who have a close relationship with pets feel good about their current relationship. A 2011 study of 200 people even found that pet owners had higher self-esteem, better health and less loneliness than non pet owners. Here are three ways dogs can help you in your life:

If a partner loves her dog, heterosexual women will be more satisfied with their partner

Three benefits of dog keeping

According to a 2012 University of Houston survey, if a partner loves her dog as much as she does, she will be more satisfied with it. The researchers sent online questionnaires to 120 heterosexual couples living together to ask about their relationship with dogs and their satisfaction with life and relationships. It turns out that although women want their men to love dogs as much as they do, men can’t. If there is a unique connection between men and their dogs, they will feel happier regardless of their girlfriend’s attitude towards their dogs.

2. Working out with dogs will help your sex life

Three benefits of dog keeping

A Missouri study found that people who exercise with dogs are more likely to stick to their usual exercise habits. In addition, runners find that exercising with dogs can distract them from running time and calories burned, and make them enjoy exercise more. According to psychology today, a little exercise can help men and women have sex. A survey published in the electronic journal of human sexual behavior in 2004 found that 408 undergraduates in Southeast University exercised more human functions and libido than those who did not or seldom exercised.

3. Pets can improve the relationship with their partners

Three benefits of dog keeping

According to licensed psychologist Suzanne Phillips, people pay back. Phillips believes that so many studies have found that pet owners are happier and more emotional because they give their pets positive, unconditional love. She says we can learn to get along with human partners from the way we treat pets. For example, we can learn better ways to say hello. Pet owners are usually very happy when they come home to meet the pets waiting for them. Sometimes even a partner can’t get such a love greeting. In addition, when our dog makes a mess of the house, we usually don’t remember revenge. We usually get better the next day after we get angry. But how many times have we been obsessed with our partner’s mistakes? Finally, acceptance. We accept what our dogs look like, no matter how much we hate them jumping around or licking things randomly in the street. Why can’t we accept our partners as they are and their flaws? In a word, if people haven’t started to treat people better than dogs, they should try to do so.