The use of dragonfly tail

Indonesia, West Kalimantan, Bengkayang, Bamboo Tail dragonfly

Jasper eyes and mica wings are lighter than butterflies and bees. Sitting here to welcome the wave light for a long time is not to be courteous to the Polygonum bush. Through Han Xie’s poem, we can see that dragonflies are light and like to fly on the water. What’s the function of dragonflies’ tails?

Dragonflies skim on the water, not dragonflies like to fly on the water, because flying on the water will face many dangers, but why do dragonflies skim on the water is related to the physiology of dragonflies. The season of dragonflies skimming is generally in hot summer, and the temperature in the water in summer is moderate, which has a good protective effect on dragonflies’ eggs. After fertilization, the eggs in the body of female dragonflies develop and mature, and it Fly to the top of the water surface, such as ponds and lakes, shuttle flight, from high to low, with drooping abdomen. The belly end is next to the water surface, passing by bit by bit. Dragonflies lay eggs in the water, and the eggs fall into the water bottom or attach to the surface of aquatic plants’ branches and leaves or other water objects. Some of the eggs stick to form strips and hang on aquatic plants.