There is a kind of bird in the world that is good at catching loach.

Loach is a kind of animal that is very difficult to grasp without leaving hands. I believe that the little friends who have caught loach in childhood should have a deep understanding. But there is a kind of bird in the world that is most good at catching loach, and their body structure has the advantage of catching loach, which can be said to be one catch, one catch, one hit. This kind of bird is a medium-sized wader, egret.

When it comes to egrets, Chinese people intuitively think of little egrets (also known as egrets), because in the whole egret genus, small and medium egrets are the most in China. This kind of bird is found in southern China, even in Taiwan Province and Hainan Province. In fact, egret belongs to a relatively large family of wading birds. Up to now, there are 13 species (28 subspecies) of egret which have been discovered and named, and little egret is just one of them.

In terms of appearance, the most similar ones to little egrets are middle egrets and big egrets. There is not much difference in the basic forms of the three egrets. The main difference is the body shape. The body length of adult little egret is generally 52-68cm, that of adult middle egret is generally 62-70cm, and that of adult big egret is generally 80-100cm. Among the three species, the largest egret is the Great Egret, which is native to hundreds of countries all over the world. In our country, there are three kinds of egrets.

However, you should never think that the birds below the egret genus are all white. In fact, apart from the little egret, the middle egret, the big egret and the snow egret, the other nine egret species (spot egret, brown necked egret, rock egret, tricolor egret, blue grey egret, black egret, small blue egret, yellow billed egret and white faced egret) are all not white.

In particular, the black Heron has no white feathers, but is as black as a crow. Even its legs and beak are black. Like the egret, the black Heron is also a medium-sized wading bird. As an adult, the black Heron is generally about 60 cm long. It mainly feeds on various kinds of fish. Moreover, they are very skillful in catching fish. They only need to stand at the water edge or shallow water area and wait for the opportunity to lower their mouth. In addition to all kinds of fish, some aquatic insects, amphibians and other animals are also the favorite food of black heron.

Among all the egrets, the bird with the strongest hunting ability is probably the tricolor egret. Although the adult tricolor Heron is only about 56 cm long, this kind of egret is the most courageous. In addition to hunting fish, loach and aquatic insects like other egrets, tricolor herons hunt lizards and snakes. Because of its long legs, sharp beak and fast response speed, reptiles have no way to attack it.

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In fact, the naming of egret is rather cursory, because most egret birds are not white. Some of them are black like black heron, and some are blue gray like little blue heron. However, as far as the overall survival status is concerned, egrets of this kind of medium-sized wading birds reproduce well. Only a few are endangered.

The first demand of life is to survive. Every species has the right to ensure their own survival. For each of us, to respect life from our own start is to respect human beings themselves.