Turnix tanki

Yellow-legged Buttonquail Turnix tanki Male Cute Birds of Thailand

The Yellow footed three toed quail, from this name has indicated its characteristic: two yellow long legs, three toes which protrude forward.

The peculiar habits of yellow legged three toed quails in the process of reproduction are impressive. Every spring, it moves from the south to the southeast coastal area and breeds in wheat field or rice field. Its nest is very simple, just a shallow pit with some hay on it.

It is unusual for yellow foot partridge to choose a mate. Usually when the birds are married, there is a fight between the males. In order to win the females, the males fight each other to death. However, the Yellow legged three toed quail, on the contrary, took the initiative to fight for the male. In marriage, it is a female bird with many males. The female is bigger and stronger than the male, and the color is more vivid than the male. When the breeding period comes, the female performs various postures in front of many males in order to show off and win the favor of males.

Yellow foot three toed quail love initiative in the hands of the female, perhaps it will be more peaceful? No, it’s still full of war clouds. In order to compete for more males, females inevitably have disputes with their sisters, which leads to fierce fights. The fight between females is not inferior to that between males. At the end of the battle, both sides were bruised and bruised. The winning female has the right to lay eggs in several nests, and the incubation task of each nest is all handed over to the male. The mother is not willing to work hard. And those fathers are willing to take care of their children, without complaint, and lie in the nest every day, waiting for the birth of the baby.