What about domestic dog – Dog lash?

What to do with dog lash

Maybe it’s a cold or a bad stomach. Take it to the hospital. It doesn’t matter. Just give it some milk. Drink less water! The dog’s gastrointestinal diseases are accompanied by vomiting. I don’t know what characteristics are in the feces, so it’s not easy to diagnose. Did you eat cold food or drink water to stimulate it? Say more about the symptoms. Laxity 1, food problem: it’s still small now, and the gastrointestinal is not fully developed. It’s recommended to eat milk cake 2. Weather problem: if a small dog catches cold at night, diarrhea is inevitable 3. Internal parasite: if there is no anthelmintic, some internal parasites will also cause thinning 4. Infectious diseases: both small and coronary can cause thinning In your family, it is recommended to keep warm and feed mummy love when water and food are forbidden for 12 hours. If not, norfloxacin can be used.

Respect the host, listen to the voice and start

Domestic dogs and kittens can listen to people’s commands, and domesticated lions and black bears in the circus can perform, so can tortoises, a clumsy reptile, be taught and listened to? There is a biology teacher in Shanghai, China, who feeds more than 300 tortoises in his home and trains them every day, and it turns out that tortoises are also “teachable”. After a period of strict training, the tortoise behaved well and could obey the master’s orders.

Tortoise is a little bit spiritual, or smart. When the master came home from work, the tortoises crawled out of the washbasin one after another to show their welcome to the master when they heard the sound of opening the door. Some brave people even climbed on the master’s feet to enjoy themselves like children. When the owner left home, he deliberately didn’t lock the door. The tortoise ran open the door and climbed to the courtyard for a walk. After the owner returns, he only needs to clap a few palms. The tortoise quickly steps back to the house. Tortoises like to be clean and don’t stoop anywhere. It will find a secluded and fixed place to shit and pee

Tortoise’s feelings are quite rich, and they often change, which is not serious. Some tortoises are impatient. When they are having a dinner party, if the owner doesn’t feed them first, they roll in the basin, making the hard shell rattle against the basin, intending to complain to the owner: “why don’t you feed me first!” the owner throws down a piece of lean meat, and two tortoises fight for it. The tortoise who doesn’t feed immediately expresses anger with hunger strike. No matter how much the owner persuades it, it Never eat.

Tortoises are not good at fighting, but once there is a dispute, they fight as fiercely as lions and tigers. As a result, one side will die in battle. Even if the other side wins, it will be dying and exhausted. So the owners of tortoises should never let them use fists and feet or resort to force.