What about pet hair loss?

How to Clean the Flying Hair at Home

1. Fine hair floats easily in the air, and it is not easy to gather when sweeping the floor. Therefore, before sweeping the floor, a small amount of water should be sprinkled in the air and on the ground, or the floor should be wiped with a clean cloth. With the condensation of water, the hair will form small clusters, which are easy to find and collect.

2. For beds, carpets or sofas, we must vacuum them once a day. Because if the hair sticks to these fabrics, it will easily adhere to bacteria and mites.

How to Clean Home Clothing and Cloth Products

1. Change your home clothes immediately after you get home and hang your outgoing clothes in the wardrobe. Choose smooth fabrics as far as possible to avoid sticking a coat of hair when you are in close contact with pets.

2. For outgoing clothes and sofas with hair, you can use tape, sticky brush and other first brush, the body, the hair on the sofa are glued off.

Master the correct way to care for pets

1. Brush the pet’s hair every day to remove the hair from the cat and dog.

2. Choose a special pet bath solution to bathe pets regularly, but not frequently. Otherwise, it will destroy the acidity and alkalinity balance of the skin of cats and dogs. On the contrary, it will aggravate hair loss, accompanied by skin dandruff, allergies and other symptoms.

3. Pet skin infection, will be itchy and use claws to grab their fur violently, causing a large area of hair loss. When this symptom occurs, the pet should be sent to the doctor in time, or the pet should be cleaned in time.

4. Don’t eat too salty. The salt intake of cats and dogs is much lower than that of humans. Therefore, salty food can also cause cats and dogs to shed hair and increase visceral load.