What are the symptoms of dog cold?

It usually occurs in early spring, late autumn and when climate change suddenly occurs. Most of the causes are due to sudden cold stimulation, such as hijacking in winter, sleeping in cold season, being rained, and not drying the dog’s hair in time after bathing.

The main symptoms of cold in dogs are depression, loss of appetite, flushing conjunctiva and tears in eyes. There are coughing phenomena, nasal mucus is purulent, breathing is accelerated, body temperature is elevated, chills, if not treated in time, it may be complicated with tracheitis, bronchitis and other diseases. There is also the flu, which is caused by viruses and is epidemic. The main manifestation is fever. In addition to cold symptoms, conjunctivitis and intestinal catarrh are common complications. There are many similarities between cold and the initial symptoms of some infectious diseases. You should pay attention to the distinction:

Dog cold symptoms detailed:

1. Mentally ill, wilting, like to lie down; (This seems to be the common manifestation of all discomforts)

2. Runny nose; Watch for water, not purulent or colored nose.

3. Sneezing and coughing; (Cough is very similar to canine distemper, parainfluenza and bronchitis)

4. Eye conjunctiva congestion, tears, loss of appetite; (This is also similar to canine distemper)

5. Increased body temperature, generally 39-40 C; (The normal body temperature of adult dogs is 37.5-38.5 C in rectum and 38-39 C in puppies)