What do pet lizards eat and how do they feed them?

I. Lizard feeding

Most lizards eat animal food, mainly insects. Gekkonids are nocturnal and feed on insects such as Lepidoptera. Larger lizards such as Gekkogecko feed on birds and other lizards. Varanus can eat fish, frogs and even small mammals. Some lizards, such as Agama, are predominantly plant-based. Because most species hunt large numbers of insects, the role of lizards in pest control cannot be underestimated. Many people think that lizards are poisonous animals, which is wrong. Of the 6,000 species of lizards worldwide, only two are known to be poisonous lizards belonging to the Helodermatidae family and distributed in North and Central America.

2. Breeding of Pet Lizards

For pet lizards, small lizards can feed crickets. Newborn mice have the highest nutritional value if they can be swallowed. In addition, insects and earthworms can be fed. Insect feeding alone is prone to inadequate calcium and vitamin intake, and special nutritional additives should be added. From medium to large lizards, such as water dragons, adult American iguanas, plain giant lizards, etc. should be fed to white rats of all sizes in accordance with the shape of lizards. When the source of mice is insufficient, they can feed general meat, liver, cat food and other foods, but it is better to add special nutrients.

Varieties of facultative plants such as Shilongzi, American iguana and water dragon can be fed with vegetables and fruits, and special nutrients are added.