What do you have to pay attention to when you bathe your dog?

(1) The best time to take a bath is at noon, when the sun is abundant and the temperature is high, so it is suitable to take a bath.

(2) Water temperature must be controlled at about 45 degrees, especially for puppies and pregnant bitches.

(3) To bathe in Samoa, the dog bath solution specially for white hair should be selected and diluted with water in the correct proportion. It is strictly forbidden to use human shampoo or bath liquid. The alkalinity of human products is too high, which is harmful to dog’s hair and skin.

(4) After bathing, the body hair must be fully dried. The specific method is to insert the finger into the depth of the hair. If the bottom hair is still wet, it must continue to be dried. Otherwise, it is easy to catch a cold or cause bacterial reproduction and lead to skin diseases. Special canine water blower or high-power hair dryer for hairdressing can be selected (more than 1000W).

(5) Bath should not be too busy, too busy Bathing will damage the acid-base balance of Samoa skin, but easy to cause skin diseases. The correct way is to do it once a half month in summer and once a month in winter.

(6) If the dog swims in natural river or sea water, it must take a bath.

Note: Puppies under 3.5 months and before the completion of all vaccinations are better off not bathing in principle. Because the puppy’s respiratory system is still very fragile at this time. If the puppy catches a cold due to inadvertent bathing, it is very troublesome for the puppy. If the treatment is not timely, it will easily turn into pneumonia. If it turns into lobular pneumonia, it will be more terrible, and it may endanger the puppy’s life. During the period of vaccination, if the puppy’s body resistance decreases due to the cold caused by bathing, it will cause the failure of immunization in some degree. The vaccine itself is a weakening virus, and it is also life-threatening. So try not to bathe in the meantime. You can choose to bathe your dog before giving it an injection, and make sure it doesn’t catch a cold before giving it an injection.

If the dog can’t bathe but is dirty, it can be given regular grooming every day, which will effectively remove dust and other impurities on the body hair; at the same time, it will stimulate the growth of hair follicles, comb the dead knot of hair, which is also good for skin health and promote hair quality; furthermore, it should be done as the owner himself to be diligent in grooming. Another way is to use pet-specific dry cleaning powder to clean body hair, remove odor is also very effective, may as well try.