What foods are not eatable by pets and dogs?

Onion, onion and other onion plants. Because these things break down important ingredients in the blood of petroleum dogs. For humans, these are necessarily food, but for dogs or other animals, they are very dangerous things and must not be given to eat.

Dogs are naturally animals that eat animal meat and have better digestive power than other animals. But like chicken bones or big head fish bones, hard and broken bones have sharp spines, which are most easily clipped between teeth or pierced into lips. When they are swallowed, they also stab digestive organs, so these bones should be controlled.

Spicy spices such as mustard, ginger, pepper and curry powder can stimulate the stomach and increase the burden on the liver, which has adverse effects. In addition, because the stimulation is too strong, if given continuously, it will paralyze the dog’s sense of smell, and can not play the original excellent function of the sense of smell, so these spices should not be eaten.

Squid, octopus, shrimp, crab, jellyfish, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and other non-digestible things, not only easily lead to indigestion, or even vomiting. Because the intestines of dogs are short, it is difficult to digest beans and other granular state, which must be paid special attention to. Onion is a toxic substance that can dissolve red blood cells for dogs, so when given too much, it will excrete hematuria, cause poisoning symptoms such as anemia or jaundice, even if heated toxins will not be destroyed, so onions and scallions used in hamburgers or chafing dishes are never allowed to be eaten.

Sweet cakes like cakes contain not only a lot of sugar or fat, but also high calories, so long-term consumption will lead to obesity, and also reduce appetite, especially chocolate candy is toxic substances, if given too much, it will cause urinary incontinence or spasm, etc., we must pay special attention to. For dogs, light food is the most ideal. When raising dogs, human taste can be omitted. Although dogs have become omnivorous animals, there are still some things that are not suitable for the intestine and stomach.