What if the cat has tears?

First of all, to clean the tear marks of cats, the simplest way to remove the tear marks is to wipe the cat’s eyes with a hot towel every day. Or you can use some starch and boric acid powder to half mix and then pat on the tear marks. These fine powder can effectively adsorb the stains around the Persian cat’s eyes and play a bleaching role.

Of course, if the cat’s tear marks are already stubborn, you can try to use starch and boric acid powder in half to clean up. First, warm water is used to mix the powder into paste. Then the paste is carefully smeared on the stain on the Persian cat’s eyes, waiting for natural drying. After the paste has dried, brush it off and wipe it with a towel.

It is worth noting that we must persist in cleaning up the tear marks for pet cats. We can’t stay away for a long time. However, we can clean up the tear marks every day for a long time, which has no effect on cleaning up the tear marks of cats at all. Adhering to regular cleaning of the cat’s face can prevent the cat from producing tear marks, but once the cat has formed tear marks, it is more difficult to get a thorough understanding.