What is this special ability of dolphins?

At first, dolphins were thought to recognize their targets with a pair of keen eyes. To prove this, scientists asked dolphins to look for fish to eat in the turbid pool. As a result, no matter how muddy the water is, dolphins can quickly find fish every time and never make a detour. This shows that dolphins do have sharp eyesight.

But others think. Dolphins can find fish quickly, not necessarily by eyes, but also by other organs. The scientists blindfolded the dolphins to continue the experiment. As a result, as long as the fish were put in the pool, the dolphins, though blindfolded, could still run directly to the target. This shows that dolphins do not rely on their eyes to identify the target.

Scientists have done many more experiments and found that dolphins are not only hearing sensitive. It also has the ability to send out and respond to acoustic signals. Scientists speculate that dolphins rely on sonar to detect their targets. What is sonar? It is a device that transmits ultrasonic signals and then receives the echo signals reflected by the target. According to the time of sending and receiving the signals, the angle of the echo signals and the strength of the echo signals, it can judge the distance, direction and nature of the target. It is widely used in submarines and other ships. It is assumed that the sonar of dolphins is much more sophisticated than that of man-made sonar. It also has a “micro computer” to analyze, monitor and translate various echo signals. It can not only judge the size of the target, but also the nature of the target, which can not be done by artificial sonar.

However, there is still a lot of work to be done to solve this mystery.