What kind of insect has the most eyes?

Insects have compound eyes, which are unique to arthropods. It is composed of many small eyes, each small eye can only feel a small part of the image, the image of all small eyes together, in order to form a whole impression. So the insects with the most eyes are those with more small eyes.

In biology, dragonflies have the most eyes. The small eyes of dragonflies are the most common among insects. Its large compound eye is extremely developed, accounting for almost half of the head. One big compound eye of a dragonfly is composed of more than 28,000 small eyes. The more small eyes in the compound eye of a dragonfly, the clearer things it sees.

In addition, its head can rotate arbitrarily, which enlarges its scope of seeing things. Dragonflies can accurately and clearly see all parts of insects in active state 9 meters away during flight.