What should we pay attention to when keeping pets?

Pets bring happiness to their owners, but if they don’t pay attention to hygiene, they may cause people to get sick. Dogs may transmit rabies through saliva, and people may be exposed to parasites and skin diseases. Cat scratches or bites can cause cat scratch fever; cats also carry chlamydia, which can cause fetal congenital deformities and intellectual deficiencies if pregnant women are injured. There will be some pathogens on the surface of fish or in the water of fish farming. When feeding or changing water, if the skin is damaged, it is easy to be infected with diseases. It is better to wear gloves when doing these things. Birds spread bacteria in their excreta in the air by flapping their wings, which may infect people with parrot fever and so on.

What should we pay attention to when keeping pets

Children like to hug or kiss small animals, but also the most vulnerable, often causing allergies, chicken pox, red rash and so on. Better not to let infants and young children alone with pets, but also to teach children not to be too intimate with pets, especially in summer. Wash your hands after contact with pets.

Let children know that it is sometimes dangerous to be close to pets. Stick to stop poking an animal’s eyes or ears with your hand, or putting your hand in the pet’s mouth, dragging the pet’s tail or tugging at its hair. Don’t let the child feed the pet by hand or disturb the pet while it is eating and sleeping. Don’t touch a pet when it eats food or roars. Don’t try to separate the fighting animals.

Pets should be given regular health check-ups and vaccinations to prevent infectious diseases. Pets such as dogs should be disinfected and cleaned regularly. As far as possible, pets should not be allowed to enter the bedroom, let alone sleep with pets. They should be kept indoors clean regularly, and their rooms, especially bedrooms, should be cleaned every day. Pets are forbidden to urinate anywhere and dispose of their excrement in time. Pet families should avoid using carpets, because carpets are not easy to clean and dry, and they are liable to cause diseases after hiding dirt. For those who suffer from allergies after keeping pets, they should go to the hospital to check the allergens, so as to do a good job of protective measures.