What should we pay attention to when selecting peacock fish?

1. Choose peacock fish with no trauma as far as possible, that is, peacocks with good health, no white spots, rotten tails, water mildew, parasites and other diseases. Such fish may be cheaper at Aquarium stores, but they are definitely not.

2. The above is the most basic requirement, but I think if only one fish is sick or dead in a tank, then the whole tank of fish is better not to want, the reason is similar, mainly because they are afraid of carrying germs, maybe he is not sick now, but the problem of coming to your home is difficult to say.

3. This requirement may be a little harsh, but if it can be achieved, it is the best. It is in the process of fish growth that diseases do not occur. Of course, the average person will not tell you, this only depends on your personal feelings. If your fish is used for reproduction, it’s better not to use antibiotics when you’re young.

4. We should also pay attention to the sub-health of fish. Sometimes the fish are not sick, but they are not very healthy. This mainly depends on their mental state. When testing your fish cultivation practice, pull here. We can often see that some fish do not appear to have any bad symptoms, but the tightening of their fins, which means that they are in sub-health, or that the bacteria in the water exceed the standard, and it is not very good.

5. Another way to look at the mental outlook is to give them something to eat, to see their enthusiasm for grabbing food, will grab food, indicating good health.