Why animals bluff

When animals cannot escape and have to face the enemy, they tend to bluff. Tell the other person, “we are not easy to mess with.” The bib Xi (a reptile) that lives in Australia has a skin fold around its neck. Just as umbrellas have umbrella bones, so do pleats. Usually the pleats are stuck on the neck. When encountering the enemy, the bib is clear to put on the pleat to make a bluff, frighten the offender often dare not start. This approach can deal with enemies much larger than themselves. The cobra in China is a famous poisonous snake. There are eye-shaped markings on the back of the neck. When encountering people, the head is raised, the neck is expanded, and the cobra makes a “whoosh” sound. Make people dare not disturb it easily. Crocodiles living in rivers and lakes. Once encountering the enemy, immediately open your mouth, expose your teeth, roar loudly, often make the enemy retreat. The American crocodile turtle is the largest freshwater turtle in the world. Although they don’t have alligator like teeth, they will crack two necks and expand their glottis when they are in danger, making a strong contrast between the white glottis and the dark mouth, and often making the enemy look at them with fear.

The howler monkey of South America has a broad lower collar, which surrounds an enlarged larynx. The hyoid in the larynx forms a “resonance box”. When a howler monkey roars, its vocal cord vibrates and makes a loud sound, which can be heard within 5 kilometers. In fact, the roar of howler monkeys is not the noise of ignorance, but a bluff “demonstration” to other monkeys. Yibu “this is our territory, don’t come in!” Even if there is an enemy like a boa constrictor, as long as the howling monkeys work together to roar, it can make the enemy frightened and timid. According to the field observation of zoologists, almost no animal will act recklessly on its prey. Even a single animal, when it is hunting, will be careful to prevent accidents. Therefore, no matter how big or fierce the predators are, they are always defending themselves when they are hunting. Moreover, many hunted animals will use their bluff and desperate moves to turn the crisis into safety and avoid death.