Why are cattle vegetarians?

Cattle are vegetarians. Not only cattle, but also all animals (such as elephants, sheep, camels, etc.) that feed on grass and leaves are vegetarians. They only eat a lot of rough grass, leaves and other plants.

This kind of food is first digested by enzymes and sialin in the saliva of cattle. This kind of food must be chewed properly and mixed with sialin completely before it can be broken down. For this reason, herbivores have 24 molars, which grind the food in their mouths, which is different from the action of carnivores.

Vegetarians have no claws or teeth. They suck water into their mouths. It’s not like a carnivore licking it with its tongue. Because they don’t eat fast spoiling food, and their food stays in the digestive tract for a long time, they have a longer digestive system – their intestines are 10 times longer than their bodies.

What’s more interesting is that meat can do great harm to these herbivores. A scientist has found that if a cow is fed animal fat every day, it will harden its blood vessels two months later.