Why can you tell if a dog is sick if he doesn’t dry his nose?

Dog nose is very important for dogs. Dogs get a lot of information from the outside world by dog nose. Normally, dogs keep their noses wet. We often say that dogs are sick, and see if they do not dry their noses. Why?

Let’s start with the structure of the dog’s nose.

Dogs have a large number of wrinkles in their noses, which multiplies the area of the epidermis in their noses and can accommodate more olfactory cells. It is said that the area of skin in a dog’s nose is four times as large as that of human beings when folds are spread out. This quadruple doesn’t sound amazing, but when I talk about the following data, you’ll be amazed at the fact that human olfactory cells are 25 million, but dog olfactory cells are 125 million to 220 million, with the highest sensitivity being 1 million times higher than human olfactory cells. No wonder now in many fields, humans rely on the dog’s sense of smell to accomplish things that humans can’t do.

Why is a dog’s nose wet?

Why is a dog’s nose always wet? That’s because a dog’s wet nose can be contaminated with more odor molecules in the air, and the hairless part of the nose has many protrusions. When odor molecules enter the dog’s nose, a series of analyses will be completed in the dog’s brain. A dog’s nose is wet. It’s not what the dog’s nose secretes to make it wet. A dog can lick its nose with its tongue and keep its nose moist and sensitive all the time. Licking the nose, which is very difficult for us, is very easy for dogs.

Why is a dog’s dry nose, to some extent, indicative of whether the dog is sick?

Because the dog’s nose is wet and it licks it with its tongue, sometimes the dog gets sick and has no energy to do this simple action. Just as people are sick, we may not care whether we wash our faces or brush our teeth because of our physical discomfort. Dogs are not so interested when they are sick. Long-term non-licking is a cause of dry nose in dogs when they are ill. Fever is also a cause of dry nose in dogs, because higher body temperature and no licking of the nose make it easier to dry the nose. There is also a deadly precancerous symptom, like canine distemper, which is dry nose and cracked paw pads.

Normally, a dog’s nose should be wet and cool. There is a situation where the dog’s nose is dry, but it has nothing to do with the health of the dog. That is when the dog just wakes up, because he won’t lick his nose when he sleeps, so when he wakes up naturally a little dry, you don’t need to be nervous.