Why do dogs like to lick people’s faces?

Some people think that dogs like to lick people’s faces, especially their mouths, which is left over from when they were wolves. The little wolf just weaned eats what the mother wolf spits out. At this time, the little wolf will lick the mother wolf’s mouth. Because of this stimulation, the mother wolf will spit out half of the food digested in her stomach and feed it to the little wolf.

When the little wolf wants food from the mother wolf, he will lick the mother wolf’s mouth, and the mother wolf will spit out the food and feed it to the little wolf. Similarly, when the bitch is chewing food, if the puppy wants to eat, it will lick the bitch’s mouth. Their habits are the same. Unconsciously, when the mother dog scolds the dog, the dog will lick its mouth in order to calm the mother dog’s anger. Slowly, instead of just using this method to ask for food from his mother, the dog began to ask for food from other dogs in the group. Other dogs, as long as there is a dog to find their food, they will feed their own food to the dog.

Why do dogs like to lick people’s faces

Dogs are very tolerant of puppies in the group. At the beginning, no matter how endlessly the puppies act, other dogs will not stop or attack them. This is because the appearance and movement of the dog give other dogs the desire to protect them.

Therefore, the lower ranking dogs in the group, if they want to show their obedience to the higher ranking dogs, will also learn the appearance of dogs and lick their mouths. When threatened by a stronger dog, the weaker party will lick each other’s mouth to show obedience.

In dog groups, obedient dogs will lick the leader’s mouth to show their respect. Instead, leaders rarely lick other dogs.

For domestic dogs, the owner is their leader, so they will lick the owner’s mouth to show their trust and obedience. A long time ago, in order to calm the bitch’s anger, the dog would lick the bitch’s mouth. Now, when the dog is scolded by the owner, or wants to make the owner happy, it will also lick their mouth and hands.

Why do dogs like to lick people’s faces

Dogs will also use this behavior to show their coquetry to their owners. In other words, a dog’s kiss not only expresses his love for his mother or his master, but also is used to appease or obey him. If we refuse them because we feel bored, the dog will feel that he is not valued, and then feel uneasy, so we must pay attention.

According to zoo keepers, seals also kiss each other’s mouths when greeting their mates.

Dogs will lick people they meet for the first time. It should be that dogs want to get more information through physical contact and smell them.