Why does a male dog lift one leg to urinate?

Lifting the leg to urinate is the behavior of adult male dogs. Both adult and juvenile bitches squat slightly on their hind legs to urinate. The puppy is also crouching to urinate at the beginning. When he is seven or eight months old, he will lift his leg to urinate. When the puppy is old, he will not lift his leg to urinate anymore. But some stubborn bitches also lift their legs to urinate, but only slightly.

So why does a male dog lift one leg to urinate?

The original dog’s urine has a odor called pheromone, its concentration is only one millionth of a millionth, only between the same kind can smell out. When other dogs smell it, they know the size, sex, age and temperament of the urinating dogs. In order to occupy the territory, male dogs raise one leg and try to make their urine higher, so that the odor is not easily covered by the urine of other male dogs. In addition, the higher the urine, the stronger the body of the male dog, but also better to get the heart of the bitches.