Why is dog the best friend of human beings?

We often say that dogs are good friends of human beings. Why not say that about other animals? You might say, “Because dogs are one of the animals that humans raise most, and of course they have feelings.” But with so many animals, why do people choose dogs as pets? For the following reasons, tell you why dogs are human’s best friends!

1. It has a gentle and lively personality. It likes to stick to people so that you don’t feel lonely anymore.

2. It will recognize you as its master in a very short time and obey your orders.

3. It can feel your happiness, anger and joy, make you happy, accompany you sad.

4. It can be trained as a variety of service dogs to help people overcome difficulties and even serve people all their lives.

5. They often do funny things. That cute look makes you want to hold it.

6. If you are good to it, it will be good to you. If you are bad to it, it will still love you with all its heart and soul.

7. It can distinguish family members from outsiders, good people from bad people. If you are identified as your family, whatever you do to it, it will not hurt you.

8. Although you always scold him for his stupidity, he can even save your life at a critical moment.

9. When you come home every day, it will meet at the door on time and help you pick up your slippers.

10. It will be absolutely loyal to you. It will never leave you unless you abandon it.

Of course, there are more reasons than that. Why do they do that? Because it loves you more than it loves you.

Dogs and dogs have paid so much for human beings. Don’t say why we can eat chicken, duck and mutton instead of its meat. Do you have the heart to love your little life?